New Center of the Universe

New York is one of the world’s great cities for luxury hotels. Most of these properties are major luxury brands housed in historic buildings, but last fall the city’s newest five-star hotel debuted in a brand-new skyscraper on West 57th Street in a neighborhood that is quickly becoming known for its new wave of very tall buildings.Entertainment

The Park Hyatt New York, the brand’s first hotel in the city, is located at 153 West 57th Street, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, diagonally across from Carnegie Hall and just two blocks south of Central Park. Designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Christian de Portzamparc, the property features 210 guestrooms, including 92 suites designed by Yabu Pushelberg. Guestrooms are among the largest in the city, starting at 525 square feet, and decorated with a residential feel and innovative modern art.

The hotel itself is part of a 90-story mixed-use tower that features 94 Thomas Juul-Hansen designed luxury spaces with views of Central Park and the New York skyline, though the hotel is housed only in the first 25 floors and only a few rooms have partial park views. Even before it opened, however, the property was designated as “one to watch” by Virtuoso travel

Family Rooms

Family RoomsAll Inclusive Collection: This collection contains Hard Rock all-inclusive resorts that feature a family-friendly vacation experience. These resorts include the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, and Hard Rock Hotel Cancun, Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya and Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta in Mexico. Hard Rock hotels in Los Cabos and Riviera Cancun are set to open in 2016 and 2017, respectively. In addition, Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya offers two resorts within the resort: an adults-only and a family-friendly section. Call 888-680-7625 or visit

Barceló Hotels & Resorts: This company has all-inclusive properties in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Mexico that can accommodate all clients, from value-oriented guests to upscale travelers seeking luxury accommodations, including families. Call 800-227-2356 or

Beaches Resorts: This is Sandals’ all-inclusive resort product for everyone, including families. Guests of Beaches resorts in Jamaica and Turks & Caicos get properties with some of the finest beaches of the Caribbean, deluxe accommodations, premium-brand wine and spirits, nightly entertainment, and land and water sports. From the Beaches Resorts Caribbean Adventure with Sesame Street to the Xbox Play Lounge, and from candlelight dinners to Red Lane spa treatments, there is

Outrigger’s New Strategy

Outrigger's New StrategyOutrigger Hotels & Resorts, which has been in business since 1947 as a family-owned company, has long been a major player in Hawaii, with resorts and condominium properties on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. In the last 10 years, however, it has expanded internationally, with resorts opening or under development in Australia, Guam, Fiji, Thailand, China, Mauritius, Maldives and Vietnam. Now, it is engaged in a rebranding of those resorts with the Outrigger name being used only for premier beachfront properties. We spoke with David Carey, Outrigger’s president and CEO, about the new branding scheme and the company’s plans for global growth.

Features & Advice

What do you think has changed with Outrigger over the years?

What’s changed is the quality of the product. When I first started, we were really targeted at the budget market. Our founder, Roy Kelly, had the vision that he would build affordable properties for people in Hawaii. In the 1980s, the Japanese bubble hit and that stepped up the game for us. So, now, our properties are in the four-star category on the beach. Before, we were really aimed at providing principally budget resorts, but now

A Resort for Everyone

“Better than Disney World.” Those were the words of one nine-year old guest upon his return from Atlantis resort for a getaway weekend. Granted, children are impressionable and every movie, video game, ice cream flavor, fill-in-the-blank is usually the “greatest ever” — until the next one.

Suffice it to say, it still takes a lot to wow a child, but kids seem to be sufficiently impressed by Atlantis no matter how old they are. This resort review is based on three days at Atlantis to check out the property’s partnership with the Cartoon Network. In part, the assignment was to “see” Atlantis through a kid’s eyes, given that kids are right smack dab in the middle of the demographic Atlantis targets when it markets to families.

Adults can be sufficiently wowed by Atlantis as well. In many ways, the resort has fashioned itself into a world of its own that caters to every age group — youngsters will be easily entertained by the plethora of Cartoon Network activities. Tweens and teens can enjoy the pools, the beach, the water slides (and teens even have their own night club).

Twenty- and 30-somethings will still find their haunts at the

Enjoy World Class Amenities at Pacific Hotel in Siem Reap

There are few cities which are as beautiful as the city of Siem Reap located on the banks of the River Siem Reap. There are several tourist attractions in the city but the major attraction is the Angkor Wat Temple which is visited by multitudes of people every year. Siem Reap is one of the most prosperous cities in Cambodia where you can spend an enjoyable vacation. Siem Reap has something in store for every tourist, so, you will never get bored when it comes to a vacation in Siem Reap.

Accommodation options in Siem Reap are aplenty. There are several hotels in Siem Reap where you can put up during your stay in this beautiful city. Hotels in Siem Reap are available in all budgets, so you will find one that your taste and pocket easily afford. The Pacific hotel is one such hotel.

Welcome to Pacific Hotel in Siem Reap
Pacific Hotel in Siem Reap, which is situated at the heart of the Siem Reap city, is a beautifully decorated hotel, which is just 5 minutes drive from the International Airport. The hotel location is such that most of the tourist attractions like the temple of Angkor Wat, War Museum

Increase Your Hotel’s Revenue And Popularity With Hotel Wifi And Hotel Internet

People coming from different countries or different cities when staying in a hotel; want to stay connected with their family as well as with their friends all the time. The telephonic connection can sometimes be very expensive especially when you are moving between countries. When you are in a hotel, you will expect and want to receive as much of the benefits as you can from the hotel. With the service of hotel internet, a hotel can increase its worth, can become more popular among the people and increase its revenues too.

The facility of hotel wifi is often demanded by people. They are paying a lot of money to the hotel management for their stay. People consider using an internet as a basis requirement for them. Internet is so common these days that no one can imagine the life without it. Instead of connecting the computers or the notebook computer of the customers through cables or wires for the internet connection, they prefer to have a hotel wifi so that they can use it while sitting anywhere in the hotel.

Also hotel internet can be very useful for the people out for business purposes. They can connect to their work from

American Horror Story, Hotel’s opening sequence alone is chilling

American Horror Story: Hotel hasn’t even premiered yet, but we’d bet that it’s already inspiring nightmares. Co-creator Ryan Murphy posted the show’s opening credits on YouTube today, and it’s frankly impressive just how chilling the roughly 1-minute sequence manages to be.

Between spooky music and flashes of strange goings-on, it’s enough to make you consider sleeping with the light on, especially if you happen to currently be staying in a hotel. The title sequence shows blood dripping down walls, hands reaching and grabbing at people, heads emerging out of mattresses, and ghost-like figures wandering down hallways. All the while, there are quick cuts to the Ten Commandments, including “thou shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain” and, of course, “thou shalt not kill.” (Somehow, we think at least one character will break the latter.)

Related: First American Horror Story: Hotel trailer introduces cast in the hallways of the hotel

The credits have their risqué moments as well. Throughout the sequence, there are handful of shots of lingerie-clad characters, as well as peeks through door peepholes. “Thou shalt not covet” and “thou shalt not commit adultry” may be other commandments that the characters don’t bother to follow.

As the next installment in the American

Non smoking hotel rooms still expose occupants to tobacco smoke

Non-smokers should give hotels that allow smoking in certain rooms a wide berth, say the authors, and instead choose completely smoke free hotels.

The researchers analysed the surfaces and air quality of rooms for evidence of tobacco smoke pollution (nicotine and 3EP), known as third hand smoke, in a random sample of budget to mid-range hotels in San Diego, California.

Ten hotels in the sample operated complete bans and 30 operated partial smoking bans, providing designated non-smoking rooms.

Non-smokers who spent the night at any of the hotels, provided urine and finger wipe samples to assess their exposure to nicotine and a cancer causing agent found specifically in tobacco smoke — known as NKK — as measured by their metabolites cotinine and NNAL.

The findings showed that smoking in hotels left a legacy of tobacco pollution in both smoking and non-smoking rooms. A partial smoking ban did not protect the occupants of non-smoking rooms from exposure to tobacco pollution.

Compared with hotels operating total smoking bans, surface nicotine and air 3EP levels were higher in both non-smoking and smoking rooms of hotels operating partial bans.

Surface nicotine levels were more than twice as high in non-smoking rooms of hotels operating partial bans as

Green hotels lower environmental impact, increases profits

Hotels certified in the sustainable building program Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, helps the environment and boosts revenue for the hotel, according to a new Cornell University School of Hotel Administration study.

By comparing 93 LEED certified U.S. hotels with a competitive set of non-certified hotels, the study found substantial increases in average daily rates and revenue per available room for the LEED hotels.

“The hotel industry has embraced environmental sustainability and several hotels have registered for or earned ‘green’ certification under the LEED program,” said Rohit Verma, professor at Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration. “The question was whether there is also a revenue benefit from LEED. We found that the answer is, absolutely yes.”

Developed by the United States Green Building Council, the LEED certification process gives commercial buildings a scorecard for meeting standards for location and transportation, materials and resources, and water efficiency, among others. The more points under the program, the higher the certification level.

The reviewed report, “The Impact of LEED Certification on Hotel Performance” was co-authored by Rohit Verma and graduate students Matthew Walsman and Suresh Muthulingam. It can be accessed at:

Hotel industry recovers as travelers fill rooms

Terranea, a Tuscan-themed luxury resort on the bluffs of Rancho Palos Verdes, couldn’t have opened at a worse time.

The sprawling seaside resort had 582 rooms to rent, a fancy spa, eight restaurants and bars, plus one of the largest ballrooms in the region — and, at its debut two years ago, faced the coldest hospitality market in decades.

The owners hired 50% fewer employees than they had planned, launched generous discount promotions and prepared for the worst.

In 2009, the hotel industry was in the roughest shape since the Great Depression of the 1930s. Business and leisure travelers drastically cut back on hotel stays, and many owners including Terranea’s faced the threat of foreclosure.

Hundreds of California hotels did go into financial default, but the tide turned this year as travelers ventured forth again, industry analysts said. Terranea alone expects to have more than 740,000 paying hotel and restaurant guests this year, a 22% increase over 2010.

“There is a huge difference” at the resort these days, said Robert J. Lowe Jr., co-president of Lowe Enterprises, developer and co-owner of Terranea. “When we opened in the teeth of the recession, we had 600 associates.

MLT’s Growing Family

MLT Vacations is well positioned to capture the family travel business with new products that travel agents can offer to clients, says John Caldwell president of MLT Vacations. As the operator of Delta Vacations, MLT works closely with the all-inclusive resort brands and also has introduced self-catering vacations.Tour Operator

A 29-year travel industry veteran, Caldwell recently discussed family travel trends with Vacation Agent.

Is MLT doing a lot of family travel business?

Yes we are. When you take a look at MLT’s business and the brands and where we go, a majority of our travel is family-based travel, with a vast majority of trips taking place in Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico and Hawaii. Those all are huge family destinations. And within the ecosystem of families moving around, the demand is growing.

And it’s not just families in general, but multigenerational families. We hear this a lot — that the multigenerational family business is growing, in terms of family reunions and friends and families getting together at a destination. As a result of this trend, we are extremely well positioned with our partners. But we’re also recognizing that this trend is driving new needs for our products.

What kind of new needs are being driven

Central’s New Directions

The venerable tour operator Central Holidays is introducing new tour brands and tour programs, including its very successful high-end Journeys by Central Holidays brand. And it is coming out with a new Latin America tour line under its STI by Central Holidays brand. Vacation Agent recently talked with CEO Gianni Miradoli.

How is business for Central Holidays this year?
It is good, although this year has been a mixed signal from market. Europe seems to be a little bit soft this year, maybe because of the economical situation or terrorism, but the big rise in the price of airfare has not helped Europe to explode as we had expected.

What are you seeing in the other destinations Central Holidays serves?
This year we see some destinations that are picking up, like Cuba for example, where our programs are doing very well. On top of that, we are receiving so many requests for Cuba that we decided to extend offers to Cuba with more specific topics to attract the attention of various audiences, for example Jewish Heritage in Cuba, which is a big thing, as well as the Christian heritage.

We are looking to utilize other means of travel to Cuba, such as the

The Venice of China

The nickname doesn’t really do this city justice since it tells only part of the story. Coined the “Venice of China,” Suzhou has more than its fair share of narrow streets and waterways, dotted with gondola-like boats navigating centuries-old stone bridges.

You’ll also find shops cooking up local seafood favorites, including plates of squirrel-shaped Mandarin Fish — a fried, orange-colored dish with a sweet-and-sour sauce. Located in the southeastern part of the country near Shanghai, Suzhou’s claim to fame is certainly rooted in the waterways that traverse its streets.

Just a short drive away, however, there’s a much different kind of city emerging in Suzhou Industrial Park. Glass skyscrapers dominate the skyline as five-star luxury hotels set up shop. European-style restaurants tempt locals and tourists, as do rides on one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world. Indeed, part of the appeal of Suzhou is that it blends different elements of China, both old and new.

Setting the Stage: At the heart of Suzhou (pronounced Sue-Joe) is the old town district, the layout of which has remained untouched for more than 2,500 years. Here visitors can enjoy pagodas, temples, waterways and teahouses in one of the oldest cities in the Yangtze Basin.


Riding the Mountain Rails

After just a little while of perusing the long list of the world’s most scenic train rides, it becomes pretty clear that mountain scenery is a favorite of rail riders. Mountains and trains just go together. Taking in the scenery is always better in a train than a car for the simple reasons that trains are safer and a train passenger can focus on the vistas rather than the often curving roads that make the necessary twists and turns that road engineers used to negotiate through mountain passes. The following list of scenic rides take different approaches to experiencing the joy of mountain travel — some trains work their way through the valleys while others take the mountains head on scaling their precipitous sides. Many of the trains represent historic engineering feats and constitute important milestones in their countries’ histories.

A Historic Connection

The latest of these engineering feats and historic milestones was achieved on the very highest mountains in the world. Completed this past August after four years, the 150-mile-long connection between Tibet’s two biggest cities, Lhasa and Shigatse, has to be the world’s most scenic train ride. It’s certainly the highest. The Qinghai-Tibet Railway now brings passengers from Beijing to

Luxury Rail Coming to Ireland

Belmond took the Roman name for Ireland for its latest luxury train, the Belmond Grand Hibernian, which will take to the rails in the summer of 2016. While both luxury and rail are two well-established niches in Ireland, this product will be the first time they’re on the same track together there, adding a new dimension to Irish travel. As John Scott, the president and CEO of Belmond put it when the project was announced, “Ireland offers today’s luxury traveler a rich and diverse cultural experience, with unrivaled scenery and warm hospitality that fit perfectly with Belmond’s offering of enriching and authentic hotel, rail and river cruise experiences.”Impacting Travel

The Belmond Grand Hibernian will be the company’s seventh luxury train and its third in the British Isles. With the Belmond Grand Hibernian up and running, it will have the Belmond Royal Scotsman and the Belmond Northern Belle forming a troika of luxury rail in the isles. Belmond believes the demand is there with the primary markets coming from North America and the U.K. The target market will be high end, typically traveling as couples, extended families and celebratory groups, and will also include train lovers. Ireland’s inbound tourist profile fits

Luxury on the Rails

Luxury land cruising by rail commands the devotion of some of the world’s wealthiest travelers.Car Rental & Rail

The romance of luxury rail has been passed down from the early days of modern travel as Edwardian passengers boarded the original Orient Express in Paris for the journey to “Constantinople” and a stay at the Pera Palace, maybe spotting Greta Garbo in the lobby or even Mata Hari escorting an admiral to her suite. Agatha Christie passed the flame to subsequent generations who now ride luxury rail on six continents. The allure keeps growing and so does the product. A new luxury train sells out regularly in Japan, and a new train coming to Ireland proves that the market is growing.

Luxury rail riders found a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end in December when the coming of the Belmond Grand Hibernian was announced. Ten carriages are being transformed into a luxury sleeper train comprising 20 cabins with accommodations for up to 40 guests with interiors that promise to conjure up the feel of Ireland’s Georgian architecture as well as its folk lore. The train will include two restaurant cars, an observation bar car, and four interconnecting suites that can be

United Increases Flights To Europe

United Airlines, which already offers the most nonstop flights out of both Newark Liberty International Airport and the Washington D.C. area, will add daily trans-Atlantic summer-season service next year to three new destinations.
United will fly between:

United Should Step Away From Open Skies Fight

Rich Thomaselli

• New York/Newark and Athens, Greece, from May 25 through Oct. 5, 2016

• Washington/Dulles and Barcelona, Spain, from May 25 through Sept. 6, 2016

• Washington/Dulles and Lisbon, Portugal, May 25 through Sept. 6, 2016

“United continues to add routes where our customers want to travel, when they want to travel,” Brian Znotins, United’s vice president of network, said in a statement. “These new flights during Europe’s peak-summer travel season will provide additional access to Athens, Barcelona and Lisbon from hundreds of points we serve throughout North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.”

United’s daily nonstop service between Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) and Athens (ATH) will operate using Boeing 767-300 aircraft, leaving 5:40 p.m. and arriving in Greece at 10:30 a.m. the next day. The return flight will leave Athens at 12:30 p.m. and arrive back in the states at 4:30 p.m. the same day.

The nonstop flights between Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) and Barcelona

Karisma Hotels & Resorts to Build Nine Jamaica Hotels

Karisma Hotels & Resorts officials joined members of the Jamaica Tourist Board Tuesday to provide details of the all-inclusive resort company’s earlier announced expansion across the highly popular Caribbean destination. The company will build nine hotels — representing more than 4,000 rooms — over the next decade, said Ruben Becerra, Karisma’s vice president for corporate affairs and business development.

Becerra said Karisma is already spending $45 million to build Azul Seven, a 149-room resort in Jamaica’s Negril district. The property will be adjacent to Azul Sensatori, which opened last year.

The new properties will be located in the Llandovery district of St. Ann parish on Jamaica’s north coast. Becerra said Llandovery encompasses 228 acres and “has access to more than a mile of pristine beachfront.” He said the company will spend $900 million on the “eight to 10 year project.” The hotels will include several brands with the first to debut in 2017-2018. Karisma brands include Azul, El Dorado, Allure, Adriatic Beach and Generation Villas.

Becerra revealed “Increase of airlift is also a part of the master plan.” He added, “We are extremely excited to continue working and growing alongside the people of Jamaica, and we remain committed to further enhancing the already bourgeoning tourism industry here.”


Massive Fire Closes Iberostar Hotel in Riviera Maya For 2 Months

Fire has consumed a large part of Iberostar’s Tucan and Quetzal Hotels in Playacar, Playa del Carmen, located in Mexico’s Riviera Maya resort area on the Yucatan Peninsula, Riviera Maya News reported.

After two palapas began burning around noon Sunday, the Department of Civil Protection of Solidaridad was called, showing up less than 10 minutes later, and hotel employees began evacuating the 1,600 guests, Riviera Maya News said.

Flames swiftly spread to other palapa areas nearby and fire began to shoot 50 feet into the air, the news site said. Fire crews from surrounding areas soon joined those already on scene and authorities told Riviera Maya News that 15 hours were spent putting out the conflagration; to make sure it would not rekindle.

Twenty people were treated for smoke inhalation, but Jesus Puc Pat, Director of Civil Protection, said to Riviera Maya News that the lives of hotel staff and guests were never in danger.

In an update published a few days later, Riviera Maya News revealed that the accommodations would be closed for two months.

The news site said a considerable portion of the hotel was destroyed, including a number of restaurants, the spa, theater, lobby and reception area.

Rafael Castro, secretary general of Environmental and Urban

A Diamond for Disneyland

It’s hard to believe that Disneyland Resort used to be 160 acres of orange groves. Now, 60 years since its debut, Disneyland Resort spans a few hundred acres and includes two theme parks (Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park), three hotels (Disneyland Hotel, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa and Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel) and a major shopping, dining and entertainment district called Downtown Disney.Impacting Travel

It has welcomed more than 700 million visitors from approximately 200 nations since opening on July 17, 1955, in Anaheim, Calif. Today Disneyland generates $4.7 billion annually for the Southern California economy.

To mark the theme park’s 60th anniversary, Disneyland Resort recently held the Disneyland Diamond Celebration, which included the debuts of three new shows: the “Paint the Night Parade,” the “Disneyland Forever” fireworks spectacular and a new version of “The World of Color” water show. The shows will continue until at least early 2016, according to John Addis, show director of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Creative Entertainment.

Also in honor of the 60th anniversary, Disneyland’s iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle sparkles with more than 100,000 shimmering blue glass crystals, while Carthay Circle Theatre features a large “Diamond D” marquee whose design was inspired by

Hot Hospitality Trend

One only needs to look at what’s happening in the hospitality industry to understand how the world is changing. Hospitality companies make their money from catering to trends and the ever-morphing demands of travelers.Hotel & Resort

Agent@Home recently spoke with hospitality executives, hotel chefs and travel professionals to get the scoop on hot trends for 2015, from the Chinese travel market to culinary trends. Here are some trends that were highlighted in the coming year, including views on the effect these trends will have on home-based travel agents and professionals.

Chinese Travel Market

The burgeoning Chinese travel market is one of the hottest topics in the industry right now. Why? Because the market is still relatively untapped and it stands to generate a great deal of business. Today, the younger Chinese generations not only have more money to spend, but they also have greater flexibility in visa rules.

The Hawaiian Islands, which have been popular for Japanese traveler for decades, will likely see an increase in Chinese. For Outrigger Enterprises Group, which has its headquarters in Hawaii and recently introduced its new beachfront brand Outrigger Resorts, this is good news.

“With the recent change in visa rules between the U.S. and China, student and

A Success Story Family Style

Today, Riu Hotels & Resorts operates a hotel empire featuring 105 properties in 16 countries that employs 27,107 people. The road to the company’s success, however, began modestly enough, when, in 1953 the Riu family acquired the 80-bed San Francisco hotel in Mallorca’s Playa de Palma. “This was to be the first hotel of many hotels in the future of the international hotel chain,” says Sergi Ruiz Pique, vice president of business development and partner marketing at Riu Hotels & Resorts, part of a third generation involved in the family business.

Next, the family took advantage of a charter opportunity to bring German travelers to Mallorca. “The business succeeded because of the good relationship between Riu and the German travel agency Dr. Tigges, known as TUI since 1968, and the negotiation of the first charter flights between Germany and Mallorca,” says Ruiz.

Riu later expanded into new areas of mainland Spain and the Canary Islands. “It was in 1991 that the company expanded into the Caribbean [with] a property in the Dominican Republic’s Punta Cana,” says Ruiz.

The Rius, however, were never a family to rest on their laurels. In 1997, the company expanded its reach into Mexico, where it now operates 17

Stay Up to Date with Starwood

Starwood Hotels & Resorts has been mighty busy lately, whether the major hospitality company is staying up to date on the latest technology or driving its specialty brands.

Starwood, headquartered in Stamford, Conn., recently allowed guests to check in and access their room via the SPG app on their smartphone at select properties, becoming a pioneer in the mobile check-in movement.

The company has also seen its specialty brands — Aloft, Element and Four Points — grow rapidly. Aloft has grown 15 percent and is on pace to open its 100th hotel in 2015. Element is set to more than double its size in the next two years and reach 30-plus hotels by the end of 2017.

Vacation Agent recently sat down with Brian McGuinness, global brand leader for Starwood’s Specialty Select Brands, to discuss the latest developments and what Starwood has in store for the future.

Why did Starwood feel it was important to offer Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) members guestroom entry via the smartphone? How important is it for Starwood to develop along with technology in this day and age?

We created SPG Keyless with the intention to bring a deeper personalization to our hotels by using a new technology that would ultimately

10 Reasons to Choose the Grand Lucayan

Located on Grand Bahama Island, the Grand Lucayan Beach & Golf Resort offers 542 rooms in a spectacular setting. Among them are 51 suites and 23 Lanai Suites, luxurious two-level and multiple-room arrangements with private ocean views and there’s more to come as a “Club Deluxe Level” with a penthouse suite is now under construction on the 10th floor of the Breaker’s Cay hotel.

Hotel & Resort

The resort strives to offer something for everyone, from budget travelers to those who seek a comfortable, inclusive experience. Here are 10 reasons you will love your visit to the Grand Lucayan.

Rooms with Killer Views

The resort offers incredible vistas to rooms above the 6th floor (palm tree-top level), with roomy terraces crafted to showcase an endless bright blue sky and azure ocean. The rooms are built for privacy, with two layers of curtains to allow a shaded gaze at the water or a deep sleep at night.

Accommodations in the modern Art Deco-style 400-square-foot guestrooms include free wireless Internet access, a flat-panel television, a roomy king- or two queen-size beds, a dining nook with a two-seat table, a coffeemaker, a chaise with connecting ottoman, and a mini-fridge. The bathroom includes a full

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